Affirmation Poses

//Affirmation Poses

Affirmation Poses

I like to start out the year with some simple affirmations repeated as a group call-and-response while holding poses. For example:

“I am strong!” – horse stance

“I am in control!” – star pose

“I am responsible!” – warrior II

“I can do this!” – warrior I

Jump back to horse stance with hands in fists, elbows bent, and forearms parallel with a satisfying sound ringing from your belly, “Huh!”

If your child is struggling making friends, you might help her come up with affirmations like, “I know how to be a good friend;” “I am likeable;” “I enjoy getting to know others.” She can come up with statements that reflect her own personality.

Once she has her affirmation chosen, she can choose whatever poses she likes to combine with her affirmations. Maybe she can practice repeating the affirmations inwardly so that she can practice the poses anywhere and still affirm herself without needing to speak aloud.

Your child is best served choosing affirmations that feel good. If saying an affirmation makes her feel uncomfortable because she doesn’t believe it yet, choose a different affirmation that she can believe in this moment.

Maybe she’s not ready to believe, “I am likeable.” However, she might be able to affirm that, “There is no one else like me in the entire Universe,” or “I care about others,” or “I am kind.” Encourage her to select affirmations that she can believe and to notice over time if it gets easier to take on new affirmations that once felt untenable.

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