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Our 6 & 9 year old daughters began with Miss Ivett on Fridays in January for the children’s class. They haven’t stopped singing the songs and continue to tell the stories they learned. No surprise, there has been a lot more harmony and sharing in our house after just one class with high anticipation to return. Thanks Miss Ivett!
JillMarie Wiles


You wouldn’t think toddlers would be able to do yoga, or derive benefits from it, but they can and they do! My husband and I were amazed when our daughter starting doing downward dogs, sun salutations, and the like. She seemed to gain increased motor control, and found the yoga to be very fun, always eager to show off her new moves. What we particularly liked, though, was the focus on calming breath. She uses this when she is going down for a nap, or getting ready for sleep, without suggestion from us! Ivett is a patient, kind, loving teacher and we are so glad our daughter has been exposed to yoga through her as a teacher.
Wendy Kotila


Your passion for yoga shines bright. Of all the wonderful skills Evie is learning at her preschool, her yoga practice is #1 in her opinion and mine. She not only knows the positions, but she knows the names and why it’s important to breath deeply. She rarely suprises us with numbers or letter, but she amazes us with her yoga moves. That’s all thanks to you.
Pam Neild